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Harbour position DMS
55° 43' 35" N , 12° 35' 8" E
Harbour position DM
55° 43.58333' N , 12° 35.13333' E
Port position map
Tuborg harbor can be called at around the clock. There are breakwaters at the entrance to the harbor, they are lighthouse lit. The guys - a red and green Tuborg bottle, is one of the few relics from the time when Tuborg Breweries was in operation. However, it can be difficult to see the lights due to strong backlight from Copenhagen.
Number of moorings

Tuborg harbor is located in Hellerup - north of Copenhagen. The Port of Tuborg was previously a traffic and ferry port that served, among other things, the Tuborg Breweries, hence the name of the port. The area has undergone a major renovation, and the new harbor was completed in 2007. The harbor is located in an exciting residential and office area with shops and the well-known Experimentarium. There is only a short way to public transport to the center of Copenhagen, where you will find, for example, Tivoli , Strøget or Nyhavn.

In Waterfront Shoppingcenter, which is part of Tuborg Harbor, you will find both an Irma and a Netto, in addition to many specialty shops and restaurants.

Clubroyal Tuborghavn is a café / restaurant that offers both lunch and dinner. The prices are reasonable and the food is French inspired. There is free internet in the restaurant for guests.

Free spaces marked in green are guest spaces. There is mooring along the quay, at Y-barriers or between poles and in buoys. Anchor must not be used.

The Royal Danish Yacht Club has its home port in Tuborg Harbor.


The Experimentarium is located right by the harbor. Play to knowledge and explore the laws of nature. Definitely worth a visit - and feel free to set aside plenty of time. A visit can easily last 4-5 hours. You get caught up in the many possibilities of the exhibitions. There is a small café where you can buy food and drink. It is also possible to bring your own food that can be enjoyed in a room on the ground floor.

Waterfront Shopping Center is a larger shopping center located in Tuborg harbor. There are two supermarkets and many specialty shops. It is also possible to eat in the center.

20 13 37 87 - VHF 13
Ports charge

2018: - 10 m: 175, - / day 10 - 12 m: 200, - / day 12 - 15 m: 300, - / day 15 - 20 m: 400, - / day 20 - 25 m: 600, - / day 25 - 30 m: 700, - / day 30 - 35 m: 900, - / day 35 - 50 m: 1100, - / day 50 - m: 1500, - / day Incl. electricity, bathroom, WiFi etc.

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