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Harbour position DMS
55° 31' 1" N , 9° 57' 9" E
Harbour position DM
55° 31.01667' N , 9° 57.15000' E
Port position map
Frequent sanding and sailing without stone knowledge are advised against. The port can usually be sailed from 2 hours after the lowest water level to 2 hours before the lowest water level (see high water table). When entering, you must have the piles set up on the backboard side (approx. 2-3 m. Distance). Boats with depths of more than 0.8 m are not recommended. Sailors without local knowledge are advised not to enter the harbor due to heavy winds from NV.
Number of moorings

Varbjerg / Båringvig is a small private marina at the outlet of Storeåen. Varbjerg harbor is beautifully located in Båring Vig between Middelfart and Bogense. It is a small harbor with 55 seats, all of which are privately owned.

When contacting the port manager, a key can be borrowed for the clubhouse, which provides access to the toilet and bath as well as kitchen facilities.

Varbjerg Motor Boat Club has a home port in Varbjerg Harbor

+45 64 88 11 35
Ports charge

Guest sailors are welcome. Price for accommodation DKK 60.00. Water and electricity (to a limited extent) on the bridges.

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