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Harbour position DMS
55° 2' 3" N , 9° 34' 8" E
Harbour position DM
55° 2.05000' N , 9° 34.13333' E
Port position map
Varnæs Vig Bridge can be called at around the clock, but this presupposes that the weather is clear and there is good visibility. The entrance to the bridge is not marked.
Number of moorings

Varnæsvig Bridge is located 12 kilometers west of Aabenraa. The small harbor is often well filled during the summer period. There are about 2 kilometers to the small village Varnæs, where you will find a Spar grocery store.

Varnæsvig Bådelaug has its home port in Varnæsvig Bridge.


Nature offers good experiences, and there are several nature trails. The area by Varnæs Vig consists of hilly moraine landscape intersected by deep ravines created by the meltwater of the ice age. Along the beach there are large rocks, but you can also find small pieces of amber.

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