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Harbour position DMS
54° 58' 19" N , 10° 40' 41" E
Harbour position DM
54° 58.31667' N , 10° 40.68333' E
Port position map
The Port of Vemmenæs can only be called at when it is light and there is visible weather. The entrance to the port is not marked. There are some rocks in the area by the harbor. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

The Port of Vemmenæs is located on the east coast of Tåsinge. The harbor is a former ferry port for the ferry that sailed between Tåsinge and Langeland until 1960, when the Langelandsbroen was built. The harbor has limited facilities, but is located in a scenic area.

Vemmenæs Bådelaug has its home port in Vemmenæs Harbor.


A memorial for crashed English pilots from World War II has been erected at Vemmenæs.

Valdemar's Castle will be an obvious attraction to visit. The castle was built by Christian the VI for his son Valdemar Christian. Since 1974, Valdemar's Castle has been open to the public. This means that for a large part of the year you can walk in the beautiful halls, where you can admire the decor and all the historical details. It is also a bit special, as the owners of the castle still live in the castle, and let the visitors perceive themselves as the castle's personal guests.

Denmark's museum for yachting is located in idyllic and historic surroundings at Valdemar's Castle . Several boats and dinghies representing Danish yachting are displayed here. In addition, a large selection of maritime effects, media, signal flags and much more. The museum is open from 1 June to 31 August 2012.

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Ports charge

Boats up to 5 meters in length cost 20 kroner Boats between 5-7 meters in length cost 25 kroner per day. Boats over 7 meters in length cost 30 kroner per day.

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