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Harbour position DMS
56° 33' 3" N , 8° 36' 55" E
Harbour position DM
56° 33.05000' N , 8° 36.91667' E
Port position map
The Port of Venø can be called at around the clock. The harbor's red beacons lead into course 051 °. The entrance is marked by a red and green top candlestick. Sanding of the inlet to the harbor occurs, so sail in at low speed. Fishing tackle and nets may occur in the area around the harbor. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

Venø Harbor is located on the island of Venø, which is located in the western part of the Limfjord. The port was established by the island's fishermen and farmers over 100 years ago. Venø Harbor is a small cozy harbor. Venø is only 7 kilometers long and 1.5 km at its widest point.

The harbor house functions as a harbor office, café and kiosk and offers a range of local specialties and various kiosk goods. Tokens for the bath can be bought in the harbor house and cost 10 kroner. The harbor has several barbecue areas that can be used by guest sailors.

Venø Bådelaug has its home port in Venø Harbor.


Denmark's smallest church is Venø Church. The church is less than 10 meters long and has no church tower. In the summer of July and August, sunset concerts are played at the church. The concerts start at 21.00 and typically last one hour. There is free admission to the concerts.

Venø invites you to nature experiences, and here you have several opportunities to get around the island. Bicycles can be rented at the harbor house. It costs 50 kroner per day to rent a bike. You also have the opportunity to get a guided tour with VenøBussen .

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Ports charge

Boats up to 10 meters in length cost 120 kroner per day. Boats over 10 meters in length cost 150 kroner per day.

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