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Harbour position DMS
54° 55' 8" N , 9° 46' 10" E
Harbour position DM
54° 55.13333' N , 9° 46.16667' E
Port position map
Christian the X's bridge is 30 meters wide, and has a passage height of 5 meters. Boats higher than 5 meters can have the bridge opened for free. The bridge guard can be contacted on telephone 74 42 39 39 and VHF channel 16. An electronic board shows when the next opening of the bridge will take place. Sailboats must use the engine when crossing the bridge.
Number of moorings

The End of the World is located on the beautiful island of Als between Christian the X's bridge and the Alssund Bridge. The harbor is named after the street located right by the harbor.

Sønderborg Sailing and Motorboat Club has its home port at the End of the World.


Next to the sailing club is a memorial stone for the Danish Vice Admiral Peter Bredal, who died in 1658.

The museum at Sønderborg Castle offers a number of historical collections, where the main emphasis is on history after 1800. Explore the Schleswig wars, World War I and World War II and Sønderjylland's reunification with Denmark. Sønderborg Castle is in itself a beautiful building dating from the 13th century. Christian the 2nd has been in captivity at the castle.

Sct. Marie Church is Sønderborg's landmark. The church was built in the year 1541. There is a beautiful view over Alssund.

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