Virksund Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
56° 36' 32" N , 9° 17' 29" E
Harbour position DM
56° 36.53333' N , 9° 17.48333' E
Port position map
Virksund Marina can be called around the clock. Note that the green barrel with the top designation at Sundsøre Rev must be respected. The reef extends far into the width of the sound. Heavy currents may occur when the lock in Hjarbæk fjord is regulated. The harbor has 2 entrances, a northern main entrance and a southern entrance. The northern main entrance has a guy on starboard side, showing green, fl 2 lights, and a guy on a bridge head on the entry's backboard side, showing red, fl 2 lights. The southern entry has a guy on starboard side showing green, solid light, and a guy on a bridgehead on the entry's backboard side showing red, solid light. Bottom nets and other fishing tackle occur in the area. Show consideration for ferry traffic.
Number of moorings

Virksund marina is located on the west side of Virksund - about 300 meters from the sluice and dam.

In the harbor clubhouse you will find 3 bathrooms with bath and toilet. In addition, a sailing kitchen for guest sailors.

Diesel is available for purchase at the kiosk. Petrol and colonial goods can be purchased in Sundstrup, located approximately 2 km east of the harbor by road. About 500 meters from the harbor, a bus departs for Skive.


The Jewish Rosenpark I Aalestrup is definitely worth a visit. The park is situated on a slope down to Simested river. The park strives to present 1-2 brand new varieties each year and has a compiled catalog that can also be used as an order list. The park also contains a beautiful pavilion with a café, where during the high season coffee and tea table are served. At the lake there is a romantic gazebo and on the other side of the river is a perennial garden adapted to the river's flora. There is a playground where children can play.

Ørslev Kloster is a four-length Baroque manor house. The north wing is the courtyard is a church, and is exceptionally beautifully decorated. The harbor and church are open to the public, while the mansion itself today serves as a ban for artists and students.

+45 97 51 29 29
Ports charge

2020: It costs DKK 125 a day. Free harbor boats 50 kroner for the first 3 days thereafter 120 kroner. The prices include shower and electricity.

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