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Harbour position DMS
56° 41' 55" N , 10° 2' 40" E
Harbour position DM
56° 41.91667' N , 10° 2.66667' E
Port position map
Should only be sailed during the day. Guest sailors can moor on the west side of the seashore, (from 2 to + 3m water), and at the crosswind (approx. 2m water).
Number of moorings

Vive harbor is located on the north coast of Mariager Fjord. From the harbor, approx. 600m. long way to the village of Vive. The harbor, which was originally built by the Crown for shipping timber and lime, is now a really nice leisure harbor. A sought-after location and work place for the local area's recreational anglers, sailors, as well as the many visitors and tourists during the summer. The port's permanent installations are owned by Vive Bådelaug, who as a tenant for the municipal-owned land manages the port. From W to E, the harbor consists of a dinghy pool, inner pool and east basin, which is bounded by the newly built NS walking pier. Along the west side of this pier there are innermost at the mast crane approx. 2m. water, and the fjord bottom falls evenly along the pier to around + 3m. water extremely. The depth at the crosswalk and the entrance to the inner pool is approx. 2.0 m. In the inner pool 1.6 - 1.8m. In the dinghy pool 0.5 m. There is electricity and water on the bridges, and automatic lighting system.

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Ports charge

100, - / day incl. bath. FH Environmental tax: 30, - / day

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