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Harbour position DMS
57° 12' 13" N , 10° 29' 44" E
Harbour position DM
57° 12.21667' N , 10° 29.73333' E
Port position map
Voerså harbor can be called around the clock. The entrance to the harbor is marked with green and red side markings and red and green pine lights on the pier heads. Sanding occurs in the area, so it is important to stick to the sailing channel until the harbor. Please note that you must not enter a prohibited area north of the harbor, as ammunition is located here.
Number of moorings

Voerså harbor is a small cozy yacht harbor at the outlet of Voeråen.

From here there is a view of a rich bird life on the beach meadows and in the shallow water of the protected nature area Stensnæs. There is a tower at the harbor where you can get an overview of the shallow area and along the pier into the Kattegat.

It is possible to sail up the river to the center of Voerså if you have a small motor boat, kayak or inflatable boat. Otherwise, it is approximately 500 meters down to the center from the harbor.


Voergård Castle is from the Renaissance. The castle is surrounded by Denmark's widest moat. It is a pure treasure trove to explore the castle's many furnishings and objects. The castle also has a dungeon called Rosedonten. It costs 75 kroner for adults and 30 kroner for children to enter the castle. It is open throughout the sailing season (April to October).

+45 98 85 11 79
Ports charge

All boats regardless of size 100 kroner a day. Electricity is included in the port fee. Water and electricity are found on the bridges.

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