Askø Havn

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Harbour position DMS
54° 53' 4" N , 11° 28' 58" E
Harbour position DM
54° 53.06667' N , 11° 28.96667' E
Port position map
Askø Harbor can be used around the clock as long as the weather is bright and visible. Take into consideration the ferry traffic in the area. Bottom yarns occur in the area. The entrance to the harbor is illuminated. Be aware that there is low water to the west of the port entrance - it is not marked, so keep a close watch.
Number of moorings

Askø Harbor is located on Askø, which is located in Smålandsfarvandet. The port is a combined ferry and marina. Askø is connected to Lilleø with a dam. You can reach Askø on foot in a couple of hours. There are many fruit trees on both islands.

A new harbor house has been erected where there is a toilet, bath and modern kitchen, as well as a living room with TV. There are also barbecue areas in several places in the harbor area, which may be used by guest sailors. Internet is free throughout the port and no password is required.

Askø & Lilleø Beboerforening rent bicycles at the harbor. It all takes place by self-service, and a box has been set up for the payment of bike rental. There is a grocery store about 2 kilometers from the harbor where it can be provided.

Askø Sailing Club has a home port in Askø Harbor.


There is a lovely bathing beach located right next to the harbor.

Askø Island Museum is a small local history museum and archive. The museum is run by volunteers who like to show around by appointment. From June to August, however, there are regular opening hours at the museum.

There is a ferry to Bandholm on Lolland. There are between 7-9 daily departures and the crossing takes about 30 minutes.

+45 51 64 79 68
Ports charge

2017: 0 - 9 m: 130, - / day 9 - 12 m: 160, - / day 12 - 15 m: 190, - / day 15 - m: 16, - / m / day Bath: 5, - / 5 mine. Wash: 2 * 20, -

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