Bandholm Havn

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Harbour position DMS
54° 50' 15" N , 11° 29' 24" E
Harbour position DM
54° 50.25000' N , 11° 29.40000' E
Port position map
Bandholm harbor can be accessed around the clock in bright and visible weather. Femø Sund, Ståldybet and Lindholm Dyb are not illuminated. The entrance to the harbor is easiest from the northwest through Lindholm Dyb. The gutter is well marked, and about a mile north of Bandholm the sail is abandoned and the course is set towards the harbor. Two red bowls lead to Havneø in course 201 °. When rounding Havnø, the course is set to the southwest, where the mole lighthouses head to the harbor. The marking must be respected, as there are large stones in many places. Show consideration for ferry traffic.
Number of moorings

Bandholm Harbor is the largest in North Lolland. Bandholm Harbor is a private port owned by Knuthenborg Estate. The port is divided into three areas: Industrial harbor, marina and ferry port. The harbor that was built in the late 1860s is a link to the nearby island - Askø.

Bandholm city offers distinctive old houses, so it is a pleasure to explore the city.

Bandhom Sailing Club has a home port in Bandholm Harbor.

Accommodation, restaurant and ice house

Close to the harbor is the 4-star Bandholm Hotel , which offers good accommodation, a wellness area and a well-visited restaurant with a la carte and gourmet. In the summer, there is open for sightseeing on the covered terrace with outdoor kitchen and bar, and in front of the hotel is also an ice house with old daws, softice, ice coffee and more.


Near the marina there are several really good experiences - the largest is Knuthenborg Park & Safari . Visit Northern Europe's largest safari park, where you can freely ride, hike or bike among the beautiful historic buildings, and get close to the more than 1000 wildlife. On the terms of the animals, but on the initiative of the visitors. Enjoy lunch in the green, and let the children romp on Denmark's largest natural playground.

The veteran railway between Bandholm and Maribo is drawn by old locomotives from the 1870s. The route is 7.5 kilometers, and the veteran trains stop at several steps along the way.

Ports charge

All boats, regardless of size, cost 130 kroner a day including electricity.

The Port of Bandholm does not have a harbor bailiff, but the three clubs, Bandholm Sailing Club, Knuthenborg Boat Club and Bandholm Roklub, which are located at the Harbor, handle the port fees for guest sailors.

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