Bjørnø Havn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 4' 3" N , 10° 15' 6" E
Harbour position DM
55° 4.05000' N , 10° 15.10000' E
Port position map
The port of Bjørnø can be used around the clock as long as the weather is bright and visible. The jetty is illuminated, but the entrance itself is not marked. Consideration must be given to ferry traffic in the area. There are bottom nets and other fishing equipment in the area.
Number of moorings

Bjørnø harbor is located on Bjørnø in the south Funen archipelago near Fåborg. The port is more than a jetty than a real port. The island has about 40 permanent residents. In Bjørnø City you will find beautiful half-timbered farms that are located together. The island is otherwise car-free.


Bjørnø is only 150 hectares, so you can easily walk around the island in a couple of hours. The trip offers flat beach meadows with a rich bird life and high cliffs with the most beautiful view of Funen and neighboring islands in the South Funen archipelago. You can look for the rare and preserved green paved beach toads that live on Bjørnø.

There are ferries to Faaborg several times a day. The crossing time is approximately 20 minutes.

+45 62 61 10 15
Ports charge

All boats regardless of size cost 40 kroner per day. Placed in the set-up box for port money.

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