Bogø Havn

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Harbour position DMS
54° 54' 45" N , 12° 3' 5" E
Harbour position DM
54° 54.75000' N , 12° 3.08333' E
Port position map
Bogø harbor can be accessed around the clock. The port's green lighthouses lead in course 355 °. The sailing route until the harbor is marked with red and green sticks with the top designation. The marking must be respected as there is shallow water outside the gutter. Consideration must be given to ferry traffic.
Number of moorings

Bogø harbor is located on the south side of Bogø.

Toilets and bathrooms are located in the harbor. Here you will also find a washer and dryer. There are shopping opportunities in Bogø City, where there is a Brugs.

Bogø Sailing Club has a home port in Bogø harbor.


Bogø Mill is a Dutch mill from 1852. Bogø Mill is located in Bogø City with a magnificent view of Grønsund and Falster. The mill has been restored and there is now a gallery inside the mill where local artists exhibit their works.

There is a ferry to Stubbekøbing harbor . The ferry is called Ida and the boat trip lasts 12 minutes.

+45 40 36 36 17
Ports charge

2020: - 6 m: 100, - pr. Day. 6-9 m: 145, - pr. Day. 9-12 m: 170, - pr. Day. 12-15 m: 240, - pr. Day. 15-18 m: 270, - pr. Day. 18- m: 400, - pr. Day. 5th night in a row in a port under the municipality of Vordingborg is free. Electricity, bath and internet included.

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