Bønnerup Havn

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Harbour position DMS
56° 31' 60" N , 10° 42' 42" E
Harbour position DM
56° 32.00000' N , 10° 42.70000' E
Port position map
A good landmark for seizing is the seven large wind turbines on the pier, three on the west wind and four on the east wind. The island and W for the harbor are grounds of less than 2 m water depth up to 0.7 cm from the coast. If you have passed these, the course is added to a point approx. 0.1 cm N for the entry, after which the entry can be adjusted in course S.
Number of moorings

Bønnerup Harbor is a super delicious marina situated on the north side of Djursland. Bønnerup harbor was previously an island port, which was connected to the village by a wooden bridge. The port was first landed in 1968. Bønnerup Strand was founded by 4-5 families more than a hundred years ago. They settled here as fishermen and as the small community grew larger and larger. The old fishing houses from that time can still be seen along the beach.

There is a playground for the children behind the community house and the opportunity to go crab hunting in the 2 pools at bridge E and at the tow.

Payment for use of facilities is made with a debit card. In the vending machine, a debit card is drawn, which costs DKK 50.00 in deposit plus the amount that you choose to deposit on the card. The card is then used to pay for facilities such as bath, washing machine, dryer and tow. You can deposit money on your card as often as you wish. When you leave the port, you return the credit card to the vending machine, after which the balance and the deposit are refunded. The card does not expire, so you can also keep it and just refuel the next time you come here. The debit card also gives (free) access to the community house and the shipping room. There is a fishing shop on the harbor and 700 m to Brugsen.

Bønnerup Sailing Club has a home port in Bønnerup Harbor.


The area around Bønnerup is very scenic, and a bike ride out into the blue is recommended. It is possible to rent bicycles at the harbor, so why not take a closer look at the area. To the west you can drive along the sea all the way to Fjellerup and possibly take a detour to the beautiful Mejlgård Castle. To the east you can drive through the beautiful nature reserve and forest and reed area to the small cozy village of Gjerrild with houses from the 1600s. If you continue along the same road, you come to Sostrup Castle as well as the newly built Abbedi Sostrup Nonnekloster. On the return road you can drive through the organic forest of Emmedsbo. If you don't want to pedal for exercise, both tennis and petanque courts are only 500 meters from the harbor.

It is also not far to Djurs Sommerland from Bønnerup Marina.

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Ports charge

2018: Both up to 8 meters in length cost 120 kroner per day. Both between 8-10 meters in length cost 140 kroner per day. Both between 10-12 meters in length cost 160 kroner per day. Both between 12-15 meters in length cost 180 kroner per day. Both between 15-18 meters in length cost 270 kroner per day. Both between 18-21 meters in length cost 330 kroner per day. Boats between 21-24 meters in length cost 390 kroner per day Boats between 24-27 meters in length cost 440 kroner per day Both over 27 meters in length cost 510 kroner per day. The schooner costs 550 kroner per day. Off season discount.

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