Brøndby Lystbådehavn

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Port position map
Harbour position DMS
55° 36' 33" N , 12° 26' 33" E
Harbour position DM
55° 36.55000' N , 12° 26.55000' E
Brøndby Harbor can be accessed around the clock. Note, however, that bottom yarns extend from the shore, so it is recommended to enter the harbor in bright and visible weather. The entrance to the harbor is marked with a W mark and a red barrel, and Brøndby Strand Vn shows in to the harbor at 345 ° -354 °. The harbor's pier heads are illuminated and there is light on the harbor. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

Brøndby harbor is located on the north side of Køge Bay and West of Amager. Thus, the port is the northernmost port in Køge Bay.

Washing and drying coins can be purchased at the port office. A washing coin costs 20 kroner and a dry coin costs 5 kroner and no washing time can be reserved. There are toilets and bath facilities in the clubhouse - admission tickets are purchased in the lobby. At the far end of the south island, just opposite the entrance, lies Havmågen, which is a community house for all the users and guests of the harbor.

The nearest shopping mall with supermarket, post office, pharmacy and specialty stores is approximately 3 kilometers away. Bikes are loaned free of charge from the Port Office or Catfish.

Brøndby Harbor has many small barbecue areas. Although they may look private, they are all for public use.

Brøndby Stands Sailing Club belongs to Brondby harbor.


The Vestvolden is part of Copenhagen's old defense works. The Western Wall was to prevent hostile invasion of Copenhagen from the south and west, as well as prevent the enemy from firing Copenhagen with artillery.

The Arken - Museum of Modern Art is located in the neighboring port of Ishøj. The Ark offers large exhibitions with classic Danish and international artists, which are shown in collaboration with exhibitions of the brand new art. The museum is closed on Mondays. An adult ticket costs 85 DKK, while children under 17 are free.

The suburban museum is Brøndby and Hvidovre's new museum, which unveils the history of being a suburb of Copenhagen. If you want to visit the suburban museum, you can find the museum in the History House, Alarm Square 3 in Hvidovre, Monday-Thursday 11-11-15. You may also be lucky enough to meet some of the museum's exhibitions around Brøndby.

+45 43 73 61 00
Ports charge

2020: All sizes both cost 110 kroner a day. Free Port Scheme: Free Electricity costs 20 kroner a day. Paid at the harbor office (large yellow building in the middle of the harbor) or in the Catfish, there is a barbecue at the harbor. Brøndby harbor is part of the free harbor scheme.

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