Christiansø Havn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 19' 13" N , 15° 11' 10" E
Harbour position DM
55° 19.21667' N , 15° 11.16667' E
Port position map
Take care with caution day and night, taking into account wind, current and visibility. Compass display can occur and hard current associated with poor visibility can be dangerous. The following signals from a mast on the S-side of Frederiksø mean that the harbor cannot be called at due to heavy seas, or because all berths are occupied: Black ball or 3 red lanterns below each other. The narrow harbor run does not provide space for sail maneuvers. Speed limit: 3 knots. Anchoring prohibited.
Number of moorings

Then it can not be more idyllic - Christiansø is a fortification and naval station from the 17th century. However, the island has only been used as a fortress once - in the war against England. The harbor is Christiansø's natural center.

The mail boat Peter calls at the port every weekday all year round, loads and unloads groceries and goods and brings passengers to and from the island. The entire archipelago of Ertholmene is protected. For the sake of the islands' nature and unique ancient monuments, it is recommended that all visitors show consideration and consideration during the visit.

You must save water as it is not allowed to refuel fresh water. Water for daily consumption is collected at the public taps. Drinking water must be boiled. Dishwashing must not take place at public taps.

It is not allowed to bring pets ashore on the island.

40 45 20 14
Ports charge

2016: 1-10 meters DKK 140, - 10 - 15 meters DKK 210, - 15 - 20 meters DKK 280, - 20 - 25 meters DKK 500, - Over 25 meters DKK 700, - For catamaran and trim vessels are charged a surcharge of 50%. Port ticket is purchased in the vending machine, which is located in the end of the port office to the north. Port fee for stays of less than 4 hours: For short stays, you pay DKK 10 per person. person.

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