Dybvig Havn

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Harbour position DMS
54° 56' 40" N , 11° 26' 9" E
Harbour position DM
54° 56.66667' N , 11° 26.15000' E
Port position map
Deep water can be used around the clock, but the conditions in the waters around the island are changing, so the best thing is to call at the harbor during the day. The harbor is illuminated. A marked gutter with an official depth of 3.1 meters leads into the harbor. But sanding often happens, so boats with a depth of over 2.5 meters should proceed cautiously. Two red bowls (FR) show the way at night on course 347 °.
Number of moorings

Deep harbor is located on the island of Fejø in the small country waters. Fejø has 600 inhabitants, and with 16 km² and a coastline of over 30 km, the largest of the three inhabited islands in the Småland Sea. It is a peaceful island without the hustle and bustle. The landscape is slightly hilly moraine with low shores.

Fejø is known for its many fruit growers, and if you move around the island, you will also be met by fruit stalls with fruits and other exciting from the local residents. Fejø is the small island's largest island. The island has a beautiful scenery and with shallow beaches, it is an ideal place for families with children.

At Fejø you can experience a lot, and before you leave the island you should at least have visited the Old Blacksmith, the Church, and Fejø Mill. Maybe you also reach a trip across the dam to the neighboring island of Skalø.

On the island there is a grocery store with mail, mechanic, hairdresser, inn, hotel, café, restaurant and many exciting small stalls on the roadside offering fruit, vegetables, jam and so on.

+45 21 27 18 84
Ports charge

100-150 kroner a day depending on the size of the boat.

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