Dyreborg Havn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 4' 18" N , 10° 13' 3" E
Harbour position DM
55° 4.30000' N , 10° 13.05000' E
Port position map
Dyreborg harbor can be accessed around the clock. However, not if you come east about Bjørnø, as Gydeløb is not illuminated. Marking must be respected as there are shallow and large stones lying in several places. There are bottom nets and other fishing tackle in the area around the harbor. In strong winds, there may be changing currents in the water. There is a speed limit of 2 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

Dyreborg harbor is an idyllic little harbor, which is located beautifully by a forest. The harbor has shelter for western winds of Dyreborg Forest.

About a mile from the harbor is a really good beach.


Dyreborg forest is fantastic. Perfect for walking and there is the opportunity to see deer.

Dyreborg city is beautiful and idyllic. The town offers an old fishing environment.

+45 20 82 46 60
Ports charge

Both under 6 meters in length cost 90 kroner a day. Both between 6-10 meters in length cost 100 kroner a day. Both between 10-12 meters in length cost 120 kroner per pound. Both between 12-15 meters in length cost 150 kroner a day.

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