Endelave Havn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 45' 45" N , 10° 16' 20" E
Harbour position DM
55° 45.75000' N , 10° 16.33333' E
Port position map
The final port can be accessed around the clock. The harbor can be navigated N-, and W- and N-off: From the red / white spout barrel with the bullet designation NE for Møllevingen, course is 165 ° down towards the red stage with the top designation NW for the harbor. It is then steered towards the harbor, with the N-cardinal stakes immediately N of the harbor being held about starboard W-off. Boats with a draft up to 1.7 m can anduve the harbor between the marked area at Møllegrund and the N-cardinal stag on the N side of Møllehage. Close to the N-cardinal pole and then steered towards the port, the N-cardinal pole immediately N of the harbor is held by starboard. Show consideration for ferry traffic.
Number of moorings

Endelave is an island between Jutland and Samsø. The island has a regular ferry connection to Snaptun in Jutland, the crossing takes about an hour. During the crossing, there are good opportunities to observe seals on Møllegrunden - a small narrow sandy reef northwest of Endelave. From Snaptun it is possible to get by bus to Horsens. Endelave has about 170 permanent residents, most of whom live in the area around the harbor.

Endelave is known for its large wild rabbit population. The coastal areas around Endelave are rich in bird life with undisturbed coastal meadows and shallow sea areas. It is obvious to explore nature. Rent a bike at the harbor and bike a ride in the magnificent scenery.

Bath and toilet can be found in the sheds in the harbor area. There is a combined barbecue and kiosk in the harbor.

It is possible to play mini golf, it costs 20 kroner. It is the same place that you rent bikes - Strandvejens Bykler . It is also possible to order breakfast for the next day from the small red shed.

Endelave Inn and guest house are an obvious place to dine out. Prices are reasonable. In addition, there is Endelave Harbor Café where you can get take-away food.


Endelave Church dates from the 1400s, but has been rebuilt several times since, among others in 1707 and most recently in 1931 when the tower was added. At the same time, the baptismal fund, dating from the church's oldest era, was carved into the surface, and the year 1931 was carved. There are also 2 beautiful church vessels in the church - the line ship Dannebrog and a 150 year old full rig. The beautifully maintained pulpit is in the Gothic style and the altarpiece is from the Renaissance.

The medicinal herb garden consists of a garden with more than 200 different herbs. In the medicinal herb garden you can, among other things, experience most of the medicinal plants found wild at Endelave, as well as medicinal plants that have been grown at monasteries and gardens in the past.

In addition, herbs are grown for use in the garden's organic café and for the production of various herbal products sold in the garden shop as well as in selected stores on the mainland.

Troll Forest - Around the estate Louisenlund is the island's largest deciduous forest, which still has the remains of the century-old manor forest. Here is a diversity of old Danish trees. The ivy and honeysuckle meander through the trunks and among the trees, and in many places give the forest an entirely primeval appearance.

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Ports charge

2020: - 8 m: 130, - / day 8 - 12 m: 150, - / day 12 - 15 m: 220, - / day Incl. electricity, bathroom, WiFi, sink etc.

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