Enens Hamn

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Harbour position DMS
57° 24' 14" N , 12° 1' 45" E
Harbour position DM
57° 24.23333' N , 12° 1.75000' E
Port position map
Number of moorings

Enens Harbour is a private marina located at the town of Onsala, north of Gottskär. The harbour was built in the 1930s in connection with a local boatyard. Since 1992, Enens Båtägares Ekonomiska Förening has run the harbour on a share basis.


Onsala Space Observatory has two radio telescopes with diameters of 20 and 25.6 metres respectively. The telescopes are designed to explore the birth and death of stars, other planets, gas and dust clouds in the northern hemisphere. The observatory opened back in 1949 and was long the most modern in the world. Today, the observatory is operated by Sweden's National Institute of Radio Astronomy and Chalmers tekniska Högskola, and is part of an international network of telescopes. If you would like to experience the observatory, you can book a group tour by calling +46 317725500.

+46 706482012
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