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Harbour position DMS
37° 23' 12" N , 23° 14' 57" E
Harbour position DM
37° 23.20000' N , 23° 14.95000' E
Port position map

The Greek town of Ermióni is located on the Peloponnese across a peninsula, whereby the city is surrounded by sea on both sides. Ermióni has been inhabited since Homer's time, but during the classical period was known for its shipbuilding and production of Porphyra, a red dye used mainly for coloring war uniforms, including Alexander the Great's army.
The old town is built on a hillside and has a lovely view of the surrounding islands and fertile farmland where pomegranates, citrus fruits and olives are grown.

Mandraki, to the south, offers a good selection of restaurants, bars and traditional tavernas.

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