Frederiksværk Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 57' 50" N , 11° 59' 54" E
Harbour position DM
55° 57.83333' N , 11° 59.90000' E
Port position map
Frederiksværk harbor can be called at around the clock. When waving from the south, a red and green buoy shows the run between Ølsted Hage and Dyrnæs Hage, from where a draft of up to 2 m can steer directly towards the red buoy at Lille Tørvegrund and further towards the harbor inlet. When waving from the V, pass the three green buoys on the starboard side, from where you steer towards the red buoy on Jydegrunden which is kept on the port side and on towards the harbor inlet. The harbor's inlet is marked with a solid Green light on the south pier head.
Number of moorings
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Frederiksværk harbor. The city is cozy and typically Danish, it was founded as Denmark's first industrial city more than 200 years ago, when a canal was dug from Arresø to Roskilde Fjord.

Frederiksværk Sailing Club and Frederiksværk Motorboat Club have their home port in Frederiksværk harbor.


47 72 11 90
Ports charge

2019: - 10 m: 120, - / day. 10 - m: 140, - / day. The free port scheme: 30, - / day. Incl. electricity, water and bath. Diesel 01.06.19: 11.00, the price is updated on the port website.

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