Fynshav Bådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
54° 59' 31" N , 9° 59' 10" E
Harbour position DM
54° 59.51667' N , 9° 59.16667' E
Port position map
The port of Fynshav can be accessed around the clock, but only in bright and visible weather. The harbor cannot be called in when there is strong onshore wind. Sanding of the harbor inlet can occur, so if your boat sticks more than 2.0 meters, caution must be exercised when entering. There is a speed limit of 2 knots in the harbor basin. Consideration must be given to ferry traffic and the ferry port must not be called.
Number of moorings

Fynshav Havn is located on the east coast of Als, centrally between the Little Belt and Flensburg Fjord and close to the South Funen Archipelago. The harbor is a combined boating and leisure fishing port. The harbor offers a cozy environment in scenic surroundings.

The harbor clubhouse has a kitchen, TV and living room that may be used by guest sailors.

There are shopping opportunities in the local SuperBrugs, located approximately 400 meters from the harbor and at Naldmose Campingplace .

Fynshav Bådelaug has a home port in Fynshav harbor.

+45 74 47 45 59
Ports charge

2020: Both under 7 meters in length cost 90 kroner a day. Both between 8-11 meters in length cost 110 kroner a day. Both over 11 meters in length cost 130 kroner a day.

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