Gjøl Havn

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Harbour position DMS
57° 3' 44" N , 9° 42' 3" E
Harbour position DM
57° 3.73333' N , 9° 42.05000' E
Port position map
Gjøl harbor can be accessed around the clock. The harbor's green lighthouses show in course 000 °. There are red and green sticks with a top designation showing the entrance to the harbor. The marking must be strictly respected as there is shallow outside the gutter. The left pier is lit by a red guy. Bottom nets and other fishing tackle may be found in the area by the harbor. Heavy wind from the southwest, providing power across the entrance to the harbor.
Number of moorings

Gjøl harbor is located in the north fjords between Aalborg and Aggersund in the Limfjord. There are approximately 8 nautical miles to Aalborg. Gjøl town is known for the world famous Gjøl trolls and from Hans Kirk's novel Fiskerne , which was written at Gjøl Kro.

At the harbor you will find Gjøl inn . The inn can be recommended if you are feeling hungry. There are opportunities for grocery shopping in Gjøl.

Gjøl Sailing Club has a home port in Gjøl harbor.


Gjøl church dates from 1130. The church offers some of the finest in the Nordic region in Romanesque stone art. In the 1530s the choir vaults of the church were decorated with beautiful frescoes.

The wolf depth is a bird sanctuary. The area serves as a resting place for migratory birds. Among other things, it is possible to see Denmark's national bird bud habit.

Can only be recommended.

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Ports charge

All boats, regardless of size, cost DKK 145 a day. all amenities are included in the price

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