Gråsten - Marina Fiskenæs Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
54° 55' 4" N , 9° 36' 14" E
Harbour position DM
54° 55.06667' N , 9° 36.23333' E
Port position map
Fiskenæs Marina can be called at around the clock, however, the drawbridge over Egernsund's opening hours must be taken into account. The Egernsund Bridge has a passage width of 25 meters and a height of 4.5-6 meters. The drawbridge can be opened every full hour during the period 06.30-22.00 in the period 1 April to 30 October. In the period 1 November to 31 March, the bridge will be open during the period 06.30-15.45. In strong winds, the bridge may be closed. It is recommended to cross the bridge for motor for reasons of power. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the entire area inside the bridge. Be aware that there is a shallow depth completely inland in the Marina.
Number of moorings

Fiskenæs Marina Marina is located on the peninsula Fiskenæs right by Nybøl Nor in Flensburg Fjord. The harbor is connected to Enjoy Resorts Marina Fiskenæs with its water park. The resort offers wellness stays, spas and spas. There is a large outdoor playground for children.

Toilet and bathing facilities have been established in connection with the central building. It is no longer possible to easily walk to Gråsten Centrum from the marina. In Gråsten there are many different shopping opportunities.

Fiskenæs Bådelaug has its home port in Marina Fiskenæs Marina.


Gråsten Castle and Castle Gardens are beautifully situated by forest and lake. Gråsten Castle dates from 1759 and is the successor to several castles that have been on the site since the 16th century. Gråsten Castle was used for many years by King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid. Every year, Queen Ingrid used the castle as a summer residence until her death in November 2000. Today, the castle is used by the royal family as a summer castle.

Gråsten Castle

Slotshaven is an English-inspired landscape garden. From early spring to late autumn, the castle garden offers a sumptuous flower splendor. It is possible to book a tour of Slotshaven.

But be aware that Slotshaven is usually closed most of the summer because the royal family resides at the castle.

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Ports charge

2016: All boats regardless of size cost 150 kroner a day. This includes consumption of electricity & water. The free port scheme costs 50 kroner per day also incl. consumption of electricity and water.