Grenaa Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
56° 24' 18" N , 10° 55' 27" E
Harbour position DM
56° 24.30000' N , 10° 55.45000' E
Port position map
Grenaa Marina can be called around the clock. The entrance to the harbor is provided with a red and green mole lighthouse, which flashes synchronously. The current follows the coast, changing direction every 6 hours. Pay attention to the Lime Ground, located northeast of the harbor. The limestone floor is marked with buoys. Consideration must be given to ferry traffic in the area. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings
guest Place

Grenå Marina is located on the nose of East Jutland. The harbor is cozy and offers modern facilities. It is easy to get a guest spot in the harbor.

Grenaa town center is located about 2 kilometers from the marina. A city bus leaves from the harbor. In the center of Grenaa you will find a pleasant pedestrian street, cafes and restaurants. Trains depart from Grenaa Station to Aarhus.

Grenaa Sailing Club , Grenaa Baadklub and Bådelauget Fornæs have a home port in Grenaa Marina.


The Kattegat Center is worth an experience. The center is a saltwater aquarium and science center that primarily houses fish and sharks living in the Kattegat. You can take a walk in the underwater tunnel, which is only 6 inches between you and the sand tiger sharks. It is also possible to dive between sharks and colorful fish in the Oceanarium.

Grenaa Church is called St. Gertruds Church and it is located on the square. The church was built around the year 1300, but much of the interior of the church was destroyed in 1649 by a major fire.

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Ports charge

Both up to 10 meters in length cost 140 kroner per day. Both between 10-12 meters in length cost 180 kroner per day. Both between 12-15 meters in length cost 240 kroner per day. Both over 15 meters in length cost 320 kroner per day. To this should be added 15 kroner per day for electricity. Bath costs 10, - for 4 min, and you can not get less than 4 min at a time, waste of hot water and guests' money!

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