Haverslev Havn

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Harbour position DMS
57° 1' 44" N , 9° 24' 6" E
Harbour position DM
57° 1.73333' N , 9° 24.10000' E
Port position map
Haverslev harbor can be accessed around the clock in bright and visible weather. However, the opening hours of the bridges in W and E. must be taken into consideration. Bottom nets and other fishing equipment occur in the area.
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Haverslev harbor is located between Attrup Harbor and the Aggersund Bridge. The harbor is newly renovated and is a little gem in the Limfjord. There are not many facilities here, but the harbor is very idyllic. There are shelters attached to the harbor where you can spend the night.

Proviant can be purchased from the Merchant in Bonderup, - distance 5 km.


Northeast of Haverslev Harbor lies Als Mountain, which stretches 54 meters up on the horizon from the flat upland. Could be an obvious walk where the view over the Limfjord is a reward in itself.

South of Haverslev Harbor is probably Denmark's largest wind farm in Nørrekær Enge. The wind turbines supply approximately 23,000 households with electricity.

+45 23 29 68 55
Ports charge

2020: 100, - per day. Free port 30, - pr. Day. Incl. el.

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