Holbæk Marina

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Harbour position DMS
55° 43' 28" N , 11° 45' 39" E
Harbour position DM
55° 43.46667' N , 11° 45.65000' E
Port position map
Holbæk Marina can be called around the clock. A marked sailboat shows the way through Holbæk Fjord. The marking must be respected, as rocks and low tide occur in several places. The marina's angular lighthouse leads to the harbor with white light.
Number of moorings

Holbæk Marina is located at the bottom of the Isefjord. From the marina there is a bus service to cozy Holbæk town (about 3 km to the city center), and the shopping here is diverse, and there are several restaurants to suit all tastes.

Holbæk Marina is a modern marina with many facilities. The kitchen is also open and can be used by members and guests. It is possible to borrow bicycles free of charge - contact the port office.

The nearby campsite has a swimming pool that can be used by guests of the marina.

Holbæk Sailing Club and Holbæk Touring Club belong to Holbæk Marina.


Holbæk Golf offers an 18 hole golf course. The golf course is approximately 2 kilometers from the marina.

Holbæk Museum is a local history museum that tells stories from ancient to modern times. The Holbæk Museum consists of 13 old buildings from the 17th, 17th and 19th centuries. It is unique in Denmark that an entire complex is preserved in the middle of an old town center, where all buildings are in their original place, except the grocery store, which was moved to the museum in 1937. The museum also has an old pilot boat.

+45 59 43 88 77
Ports charge

2020: Regardless of size: 130, - / day. Free port scheme: 20, - / day. Bad: 5, - There is a vending machine set up where you can buy smart cards used for payment of electricity, washing machine and dryer. The card also gives access to the service buildings. Diesel: 19.05.19: 11.87 / l Gasoline: 19.05.19: 11.77 / l

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