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Port position map
Harbour position DMS
37° 24' 51" N , 23° 7' 37" E
Harbour position DM
37° 24.85000' N , 23° 7.61667' E
At the entrance lies the private island of Nissos Koiládhia - note that the small port on the island's southeast side is privately owned. Please note that there are electrical cables located across the entrance and here it is of course forbidden to anchor up. A large sand-colored church is easily recognizable by the city. If you arrive at night, the port must be approached with caution. The dock is usually crowded with small fishing boats, but there may be room. The bottom consists of mud, so there are good anchor conditions.

Kilada is a really maritime city. Most people in the city live by fishing or working in the town yard . The weft can be called on VHF channel 77 and makes both major and minor repairs. The restaurants selection also reflects that it is popular with freshly caught fish. The city is by no means a tourist magnet, and the houses are boring, but on closer acquaintance the city wins anyway.

Water is available on the dock and a mini tanker can supply fuel to the dock. There are good opportunities for provisioning in the city.

Phone: 0 (754) 61 200 VHF channel 12
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