Knebelbro havn

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Harbour position DMS
56° 12' 15" N , 10° 28' 20" E
Harbour position DM
56° 12.25000' N , 10° 28.33333' E
Port position map
The harbor can be accessed around the clock in bright and visible weather. The entrance to Knebel Vig is marked with a green broom at position 56 degrees13.31`N 10 degrees26.70`Ø. Be aware of large unmarked stones in the northern part of the entrance as well as the Rønnen west of the harbor (dry at low tide). From the green diet can be taken directly to the harbor. The entrance to the harbor is marked with red and green buoys. DS buoys have been laid in the southwestern part of the bay at position 56 degrees12.5`N 10 degrees29.9`Ø and in the northeastern part at position 56 degrees13.5`N 10 degrees27.3`Ø. There is no flow of importance at the entrance. Bottom nets and other fishing tackle occur in the area around the harbor.
Number of moorings

Knebelvig is located at the bottom of the very beautiful Knebel Vig at Mols. It is definitely nature that is the major attraction in the area at and around Knebelvig harbor. Use the Facettens (located at the harbor) rental bikes for a bike ride in the area. There is a sparse grocery store in Knebel, which is 1500 meters from the harbor.

Along the inner and outer bridges there are terraces with tables and benches with metal shelves for disposable barbecue. The barbecue and smoke oven at the harbor can be used freely. At the parking lot there are garbage containers and rubbish bags. Please use them if you are a guest sailor.

It is also possible to get to Aarhus via Rønde by bus - the bus has number 361.


Mols Bjerge is magnificent scenery created by the last ice age when large ice cubs pushed rocks and sand in front of them. The icebergs became Ebeltoft and Kalø Vig, and the stones and sand became Mols Bjerge. Around the Mols Mountains are a number of small charming villages, each with their own distinctive features. The largest city is Knebel, which today is considered the main town of Mols Mountain.

Knebel church is definitely worth a visit. In the 1990s the church was decorated by the artist Bjørn Nørgaard .

In Vistoft you will find a church with beautiful frescoes and the mill in town is worth a stop. The mill was used as late as about 1970, and it is a so-called Dutch gallery mill.

+45 86 36 53 09
Ports charge

Sailors can use the harbor for free during the daytime. For overnight guest sailors under 30 feet, it costs 100 kroner a day. 30-45 feet 120 dollars a day. Over 45 feet 250 dollars a day. Payment of port money is done by self-service in the payment shed before noon. 20:00.

On the harbor bridges there are 14 electric stands, each with 6 sockets and 6 stands with taps and water hoses. There is a bath and toilet in the boat house's clubhouse "Brohuset".

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