Køge Marina

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Harbour position DMS
55° 28' 10" N , 12° 11' 48" E
Harbour position DM
55° 28.16667' N , 12° 11.80000' E
Port position map
Køge Marina can be called at around the clock. Apart from the pier beacons, the entrance is not marked. In daylight, a funnel-shaped water tower and a white mill with a black hat without wings guide. Stones between the 2 meter and 4 meter curves north of the marina are marked with an island quadrant. Bottom nets and other fishing gear occur in the area, and it extends far from the coast. There is a speed limit of 2 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

Køge Marina is located in Køge bay. It is about 1.5 kilometers to the center of Køge. The port offers modern facilities.

Unfortunately, no buses depart from the marina and up to Køge center. In the Marina there is a grocery store and a restaurant. The marina is suitable for families with children - there is, among other things, a large playground with a bouncy castle. In addition, you can grill on the marina's large common covered barbecue area.

There is wireless internet in the harbor - the network is called boatnet, and the password is koege.

Køge Sailing Club has its home port in Køge Marina.


There is a lovely sandy beach north of the marina.

In Køge mini-city you can experience houses from Køge city just built in 1:10. The houses are built of small handmade bricks and signs. Work is ongoing on new houses for the mini-city. You can enjoy brought food. It costs 40 kroner for admission.

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Ports charge

2018: All boats regardless of size cost 137, - per day. EL: Payment by chip card.

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