Korshavn Lystbådebro

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Port position map
Harbour position DMS
55° 36' 18" N , 10° 36' 30" E
Harbour position DM
55° 36.30000' N , 10° 36.50000' E
The depth of the inlet is 4.3-4.7 m. During the day, two beacons are held above (051.4 °) through the inlet, and at night the white angle of the lighthouse (053 ° -058 °) leads through the inlet. Cross ears are then rounded at a distance of approx. 100 m. The S-side of the inlet is marked with a green candlestick at the bottom with top designation. Two beacons with red triangular top designations. The rear beacon stands at the bottom of the bay and the front beacon at Korsøre immediately N of the lighthouse. The angle light on Korsøre is switched on in the period 1 April to 30 September. Safe steering speed and considerate sailing for anchorage and harbor berths.

The bridge, which is owned by Odense Sailing Club, is approx. 70 m long with an approx. 40 m long transverse bridgehead in the form of a floating bridge. The bridge is only used for mooring vessels. The depth at the outside of the transverse bridge is 2.9 m. At the inside of the transverse bridge and the main bridge 2.5 m. Largest ships that can sail the bridge: Length 16 m, width 5 m and draft 2.5 m. The area is one of Fyn's most visited nature areas, which with their high slopes, salt marshes and views of Æbelø - Jutland - Samsø - Zealand are some of the most beautiful nature imaginable. Guest sailors are welcome. On the bridge there is electricity and water, as well as the opportunity to get rid of waste. No toilet facilities may be established on Korsøre, so you are referred to the public toilets, which are located 300 meters from the bridge. Port fees are paid by credit card at the vending machine, which is located in the shed by the bridge.

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Ports charge

up to and including 10 m. 100.00 DKK 10 m. - 12 m. 120.00 DKK from 12m. and over 150.00 DKK Electricity: 15, -

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