Løgstør Havn

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Harbour position DMS
56° 58' 6" N , 9° 14' 51" E
Harbour position DM
56° 58.10000' N , 9° 14.85000' E
Port position map
The harbor can be accessed day and night. If you are sailing from the east, however, you can only enter the harbor during the opening hours of the Aggersund Bridge. Løgstør Grunde lighthouse leads from West 79 degrees. Please note that Frederik VII's canal is blocked and it is not possible to sail in the canal. There may be some current in the race from Aggersund that can make sailing difficult. However, it occurs most often when the west wind blows. As a guest sailor you can benefit from the eastern part of the harbor. The industrial harbor may only be called in accordance with the instructions of the harbor master.
Number of moorings

Løgstør is an old market town and is located in the Limfjord. Løgstør is also known as the town of mussels. The port of the city was formerly a fishing village where fishermen fished herring in the Limfjord until the breakthrough of Agger Tange made the Limfjord too salty to fish for herring.

In the years 1855-61, the canal, shovel and shovel excavated Frederik VII's canal - a canal of 4.4 km and it has a width of 24-28 meters. In 1913, however, the canal was closed, and is now preserved and part of it is dedicated as a beautiful beach. The canal also offers a rich bird and plant life.

Løgstør is also home to the Limfjord Museum, which is definitely worth a visit.

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Ports charge

2020: It costs DKK 150 for an overnight stay

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