Lohals Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 8' 4" N , 10° 54' 6" E
Harbour position DM
55° 8.06667' N , 10° 54.10000' E
Port position map
Lohals can be used around the clock. The entrance to the harbor from the west takes place through butter stacks Run, which is clearly marked. Coming from the north, you walk on the west side of the buoy at Lohals Hage. There are green and red lighthouses on the pier.
Number of moorings

Lohal's marina is located on the northern tip of Langeland - immediately north of the marina there is a small fishing port with about 70 seats. Guest sailors can use both ports. If you have a larger boat, you can benefit from the fishing port, as it is deeper 2.2-3.4 meters. Furthermore, the distance between the poles in the marina is narrow, so if you have a wide boat, you should call Lohal's fishing port instead.

Lohals is not a big city, but you will still find bakeries, groceries and several eateries. The harbor environment is nice and the harbor is quite well visited during the summer season.

There are about 500 residents in Lohals town, which stretches almost a kilometer into the island from the harbor, and is surrounded by woods all around. The nearest beach is a few minutes walk from the harbor. In Lohals town you will find the cozy Café Smørstakken, a well-stocked sausage booth known as the Harbor Grill as well as a small cozy inn called The Golden Dog.

Lohals also offers two other places to eat, Lohals Kro in Søndergade 13 and the café at Lohals Camping .

+45 62 55 13 85
Ports charge

2017: <9 m: 125, - / day. 9-11 m: 140, - / day. 11-15 m: 165, - / day. > 15 m: At the docker's estimate. Multi-hull vessels + 100, - / day. 4. continuous 24 hours free. Electricity: 10, - / day.

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