Masnedsund Havn

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Navigational Map
Harbour position DMS
54° 59' 41" N , 11° 53' 55" E
Harbour position DM
54° 59.68333' N , 11° 53.91667' E
Port position map
Masnedsund Harbor can be reached in bright and visible weather. The entry takes place through a 30 meter wide dugout, which is marked. There is a speed limit of 2 knots in the harbor. NOTE: The Masnedsund Bridge is closed for transit.
Number of moorings

Masnedsund Harbor is located in the small country waters of Vordingborg. The harbor is a nice and quiet alternative to Vordingborg .

It is about 2 kilometers to the center of Vordingborg.


Vordingborg castle ruin is the remains of the medieval royal castle Vordingborg castle. The castle was founded by Valdemar the Great around the year 1160. The goose tower is the most well preserved from the time of the royal castle. The tower is crowned by a golden goose. Valdemar reportedly put a golden goose at the top of the tower, which was to scream its scorn over the Hanseatic cities forever.

An excursion to Masnedø will be obvious. On the island is a fort - Masnedø fort . The fort was built in 1912-15 to secure the connection between Zealand and the Lolland-Falster archipelago. The island has a strategic location in relation to the entrance to the Baltic Sea. In the summer, the fort forms the setting for several cultural exhibitions.

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Ports charge

- 6 m: 95, - / day.
6 - 9 m: 137, - / day.
9 - 12 m: 179, - / day.
12 - 15 m: 231, - / day.
15 - 18 m: 284, - / day.
18 - m: 400, - + 10, - / m over 18 m / day.
5th night in a row in a port under the municipality of Vordingborg is free.
Electricity, bath and internet included.

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