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Harbour position DMS
37° 34' 39" N , 23° 23' 31" E
Harbour position DM
37° 34.65000' N , 23° 23.51667' E
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Methana is located on an old volcanic island. The town smells a bit of rotten eggs, but is also known as a spa with thermal baths where natural springs can be over 40 degrees warm. The very pale blue water contains a chemical combination of odorless methane (Methangas is named after the town of Methana) and hydrogen sulfide. Aside from the bad smell, the therapeutic effects of thermal baths have been appreciated since ancient times and still help people today who suffer from arthritis, arthritis, skin diseases and neurological problems. This is why the Neoclassical Thermal Baths in Methana were built in 1930, quickly followed by a number of hotels where patients and other guests could stay. Today, the large beautiful spa building right next to the harbor is closed, with the Greek state having no economy to operate a spasted.

There are several shopping opportunities, restaurants and cafes. The port is small and without the great luxury.

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