Middelfart Marina

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Harbour position DMS
55° 29' 29" N , 9° 43' 43" E
Harbour position DM
55° 29.48333' N , 9° 43.71667' E
Port position map
Middelfart Marina can be called around the clock. Note the cable between Fænø and Oksnerodde N for the harbor. In the narrow ring, the flow runs 3-5 knots at boiling.
Number of moorings

Middelfart Marina has been renovated and refurbished in recent years. A service center, mini golf course, barbecue areas, pump station for wastewater tanks and waste disposal basin for chemical toilets have been established.

In the service center we can offer complete bathrooms of different sizes according to the needs of the sailor. Most bathrooms contain both bath and toilet. We have also arranged 3 large family bathrooms, so that the whole family can do the hygiene in peace and quiet.

The marina has its own laundry. Payment is made by card that is drawn into an ATM and the remaining amount as well as the deposit is paid by the ATM when the card is returned upon departure.

There is a bus service at the harbor if a trip to Middelfart midtown is on the program. Otherwise, the day can also be spent on the Blue-Flag beach, which is very family friendly and located right next door. The nearest neighbor to the marina is the 18-hole golf club Lillebælt.

Hindsgavl castle from 1784 is not far from the marina.

88 88 49 10/20 41 92 60
Ports charge

2018: Boats 0 - 9 m 120 kr. Boats 9 - 12m 140 kr. Boats 12 - 16m 170 kr. Boats 16 - 20m 200 kr. Boats over 20m 280 kr. Boats with over 10 people 460 kr. Half price from 23 / 10 - 12/4 El: 2.50 / kwh. Bath: 1, - / ½ min. Diesel: 14.07.16: 9.95 / l

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