Nibe Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
56° 59' 16" N , 9° 37' 56" E
Harbour position DM
56° 59.26667' N , 9° 37.93333' E
Port position map
The harbor can be accessed 24 hours a day in visible weather. The entrance to the trench (Nibe Bredning), which leads into Nibe Marina, is marked with a red and green buoy. The gutter itself is marked with poles for every 100 meters with red / green top designation. The marking is established between 1 April and 15 November. The difference between mean high tide and medium tide is 0.2 m. W-like wind can give up to 0.6 m high tide and E-equal wind up to 0.4 m low tide. 3 knots in the harbor and 5 knots in the marked gutter.
Number of moorings

Nibe Pleasure Harbor is located in the eastern part of the Limfjord. The town is an old fishing village and fishing for herring has characterized the town. The town offers narrow alleys and cobbled streets. The city is now probably best known for the Nibe festival every year in July - known as the little fat.

Guest sailors can make use of all the spaces provided with green clear signs. In addition, the Guest Bridge can be used, where you will find long-ship. There is electricity and water on all bridges. When contacting the port officer there is sale of diesel at the service quay. Toilets for bath and washer / dryer are drawn in the ATM.

In Nibe there is a large selection of grocery stores within a short distance. Among other things, there is a Net just outside the harbor. Several of the shops are open all week. In addition, the city offers a large number of specialty shops. There is also a bus from Nibe towards Aalborg and Løgstør. At the harbor you can dine at Café Bagbord or Restaurant Bryggen .

Nibe Sailing Club has a home port in Nibe Marina .

+45 98 35 30 25
Ports charge

2018: All sizes: 120, - / day. Free port scheme: 30, - / day. Electricity costs 20 kr.

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