Onsevig Havn

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Harbour position DMS
54° 56' 49" N , 11° 6' 28" E
Harbour position DM
54° 56.81667' N , 11° 6.46667' E
Port position map
The Port of Onsevig can be called at around the clock. Markings have been laid out up to the harbor, and these must be carefully respected, as there are large stones and shallow water outside the marking. Fishing tackle and bottom nets are found in the area by the harbor. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

Onsevig is located in the northwestern part of Lolland - about 14 kilometers north of Nakskov. The harbor was moderated in 2010, where the harbor, among other things, got new bathing jetties and cozy nooks with a nice view. There is also a delicious barbecue area, which can be used by guest sailors. The harbor is ideal for guest sailors who like natural and quiet surroundings.

The port has a kiosk, but the selection is limited. In addition, there is a fish house on the harbor. About 1 kilometer from the harbor there is a restaurant called The Found Fisherman .

Onsevig Sailing Club has its home port in Onsevig Harbor.


Onsevig Klimapark offers a number of experiences. The climate park offers information on coastal protection, development of sustainable technologies and a cleaner marine environment. It is also about harnessing the energy of wind, waves and algae. Among other things, you can follow the energy production from waves, the sun and the wind. In addition, there are a number of experiments with the production of algae to be used for biofuels.

Offshore wind turbines are also part of Onsevig Climate Park

The Onsevig Museum is located in an old net house on the harbor. In the old days, Onsevig was a small fishing village, and the museum shows objects and pictures from that time. In short, here you can see the development of Onsevig Harbor from being a ship bridge to an active fishing harbor to today's leisure harbor.

The museum is housed in an old net house on the harbor

There is free admission to the museum.

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Ports charge

Boats under 12 meters in length cost 90 kroner per day. Boats over 12 meters in length cost 100 grains per day. The price includes electricity.

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