Paralion Astros

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Harbour position DMS
37° 24' 52" N , 22° 46' 0" E
Harbour position DM
37° 24.86667' N , 22° 46.00000' E
Port position map
Looks like an island from a distance, but the town is on Peleponnes. Closer to you can see a castle, some houses and the harbor lighthouse. If you are sailing from the north or east, you will not see the harbor until you are close. There is usually space on the southern pier, where there is also fresh water.

Paralion Astros is a smaller fishing village with lighter tourism located on the northeast side of Peleponnes. The area around the harbor offers a beautiful beach.

There is water on the dock, but fuel must be collected at the gas station on the outskirts of town. There are some options for provisioning and buying ice cubes. Fine options for restaurant and café visits.

The castle, Castello della Estella, is definitely worth a visit. Sometimes it is also called "The Castle of Zafeiropouloi". It was built in 1256 by Gillaume de Villardhuin. In the 18th century, the three brothers from the Zafeiropoulos family who had become rich abroad returned to their hometown to support the struggle for independence and built three houses in the castle. There is a fantastic view over the area from the castle.

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