Præstø Havn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 7' 28" N , 12° 2' 31" E
Harbour position DM
55° 7.46667' N , 12° 2.51667' E
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Præstø harbor can only be called at during the day when it is bright and visible. The entrance to the harbor is marked with red and green candlesticks, but it is not lit by a lighthouse. The channel is narrow and the minimum depth is 2.9 meters. The harbor's eastern pier has a solid red pier.
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Præstø harbor is located on the southeast coast of Zealand in Præstø Fjord. The harbor is a natural harbor, and it is surrounded by market town, forest and fjord. The harbor used to be a busy traffic harbor, and now buildings like the customs building and warehouses remain as a reminder of the old days. The buildings' idyllic appearance frames the harbor, and they help to give the harbor a unique atmosphere.

Præstø is also known as Gøngernes by after the gang chief Svend Poulsen, who together with his snaps fought against Swedish soldiers in the 17th century.

There is free wireless internet throughout the port. Fiskepigen is the harbor's fish shop and smokehouse. There are also several cafes and shops by the harbor.

Præstø Sailing Club has its home port in Præstø Harbor.


There is a nice beach about 150 meters from the harbor.

The facility at Frederiksminde is worth a visit. This small park by hotel Frederiksminde - is located on Klosternakken right by the church and has Præstø's most beautiful view. The park has various memorials - including a statue of a Snaphane. The gang leaders' warriors were called snaps.

Fire History Museum shows the history of the Præstø fire service. Old fire-fighting vehicles and horse-drawn carriages are on display. Præstø has been ravaged by large fires several times in history.

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Ports charge

2018: - 6 m: 90, - pr. Day. 6 - 9 m: 130, - pr. Day. 9 - 12 m: 170, - pr. Day. 12 - 15 m: 220, - pr. Day. 15 - 18 m: 270, - pr. Day. 18 - m: 400, - pr. Day. 5th overnight stay in a row in a port under Vordingborg Municipality is free. Electricity, bath and internet included.

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