Ristinge Havn

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Harbour position DMS
54° 49' 58" N , 10° 38' 15" E
Harbour position DM
54° 49.96667' N , 10° 38.25000' E
Port position map
Ristinge harbor can be accessed around the clock if the weather is bright and visible. However, it is not recommended to enter the harbor at night without local knowledge, as the entrance to the harbor is not illuminated. The beginning of the sail is marked by a white stage with a red balloon. Red and green sticks with top designation mark the entrance to the harbor. The marking must be strictly respected, as there is shallow water outside the gutter. There is a speed limit of 1.5 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

Ristinge harbor is located at the bottom of Ristinge Hale on Langeland's southern west coast. The port is also Lolland's smallest port. The harbor is a small cozy dinghy harbor, which was originally home to bottom-net fishermen and reef fishermen.

It is still possible to buy freshly caught fish from the local fishermen.

Easy provisioning is possible at Camping & Feriecenter Ristinge - located 1 kilometer from the harbor. For larger purchases, there is approximately 6 kilometers to Humble, where shopping is possible in Dagli'Brugsen.

The port of Ristinge has good facilities that are free to use. Code for the bathroom is obtained by paying the port fee.


Humble Church is Denmark's 4th largest village church and has the country's oldest church bell. There is a really good view from the church, which is on a hilltop.

King Humbles Tomb consists of 77 large curbs. The long nozzle is 55 meters long and 9 meters wide. Bones from a human and a cow have been found at the bottom of the burial chamber. The story of King Humble is mentioned by the historian Saxo in the Middle Ages, but no one knows for sure who the mound was raised for.

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Ports charge

Both under 8 meters in length cost 140 kroner a day. Both between 8-10 meters in length cost 160 kroner a day. Both over 10 meters in length cost 180 kroner a day.

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