Skælskør Havn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 15' 8" N , 11° 17' 14" E
Harbour position DM
55° 15.13333' N , 11° 17.23333' E
Port position map
Skælskør harbour can be visited around the clock, as long as the weather is clear and sunny. The entrance to the fjord is through the ditch above Tudsehage. From the SE corner of Skælskør Red, the inlet thus leads between two stone piers and on along the E side of the W pier. Gedehave back and front channel leads above at 156° through the dug channel above Tudsehage. At night, the beacons on the boats provide guidance.

The sail to the harbour continues through the dredged course over Skælskør Yder- and Inderfjord. The very narrow course through the fjord is not lit. The depth in the fjord is very shallow, so the markings of the course must be carefully respected. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbour basin and when crossing Vasebro in the fjord.
Number of moorings

Skælskør Harbour is located at the bottom of the 2.4 nautical mile long fjord that flows into Storebælt. Skælskør town has many old half-timbered houses and cobbled streets. Harbour passes for bathing can be purchased from the vending machine at the harbour office. Bathrooms and toilets are located in "Det Røde Pakhus". Wireless internet is available throughout the harbour area. Laundry with dryer in "Det Røde Pakhus" where toilet and shower are also located, open 24 hours. Access requires a port card which is collected together with the port fee. Skælskør harbour office

There is a fishmonger at the harbour selling smoked and freshly caught fish. It is also possible to buy snacks from the fishmonger. It is also possible to barbecue in two different places in the harbour.

If you would like to cycle, you can do so by contacting the harbour office. The port has 15 bicycles available for free loan to the port's sailing guests.

You can borrow bicycles to get around Skælskør

Skælskør Amateur Sailing Club has its home port in Skælskør harbour.


Skælskør churches date from the 13th century. In the church are remains of frescoes from the 1300s. In the adjoining cemetery there are a number of older tombstones.

Skælskør Town Museum is a local cultural history museum housed in a listed Renaissance building from the 16th century. Skælskør Bymuseum shows various aspects of life in the old market town as well as trade, crafts and professions over the past 100 years. Admission is free and the museum is located at Algade 2.

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Ports charge

Boats less than 7 metres in length cost DKK 125 per day. Boats between 7-10 metres in length cost DKK 140 per day. Boats between 10-15 meters in length cost 150 crowns per day. Boats between 15-20 meters in length cost 185 crowns per day. Boats over 20 meters in length cost 385 kroner per day The harbour dues are paid in the vending machine at the harbour office immediately after arrival.

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