Skærbæk Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 30' 47" N , 9° 37' 42" E
Harbour position DM
55° 30.78333' N , 9° 37.70000' E
Port position map
Skærbæk harbor can be accessed around the clock. The harbor is bounded to the south by floating bridges, with entry from the east. At night, these are visible with white light. There is no SB / BB selection. In Kolding Fjord, the flow usually follows the direction of the wind, and is rarely a challenge when approaching the harbor. There is bottom yard and other fishing tackle in the area. Outgoing boats must await inward boats. Please note that the harbor of Skærbæksverket must not be called.
Number of moorings

Skærbæk Marina is located at Kolding Fjord. In 2011, the port was expanded by 75 new seats, with a capacity of 165 seats. The harbor is in scenic area. Next to the clubhouse there is a crab bridge where children and childish souls can fish for crabs.

There is a restaurant, Aquablu , in the harbor, where you can enjoy on a large open terrace, weather permitting. Shopping opportunities (Dagli´Brugsen) can be found about 1 km from the harbor.

Skærbæk Boat Club has a home port in Skærbæk Marina.


+45 24 42 17 60
Ports charge


Both under 9 meters in length cost 135 kroner a day.

Both between 9-12 meters in length cost 175 kroner a day.

Both over 12 meters in length cost 195 kroner a day.

The rent is incl. power, water, bath and toilet. There is electricity and water on the bridges.

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