Svendborg Sund Marina

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Harbour position DMS
55° 3' 18" N , 10° 38' 40" E
Harbour position DM
55° 3.30000' N , 10° 38.66667' E
Port position map
Svendborg Sund Marina can be used around the clock in bright and visible weather. However, it is recommended that the marina be only sailed by place-known at night. The harbor is illuminated. Speed limit of 4 knots.
Number of moorings

Svendborg Sund Marina is located on Funen in the eastern Svendborg Sound by entering Skårupsund. The harbor is only 5 km from the center of atmospheric Svendborg - a city that always buzzes with life and cozy atmosphere.

Svendborg Healthy Marina is a green area where long walks are possible.


Naturama is located in Svendborg. Naturama is a museum that offers modern natural history. Naturama delivers modern natural history for children and adults. A visit to Naturama should be a total experience: first you " swim " between whales. Then you pat the bear. And finally, you stare deeply into the sea eagle. Naturama brings the visitor closer to the animal's incredible history. With an aesthetic narrative, both the mind and the heart are appealed to, unfolding over light, sound, images, colors, rooms, films, animals and objects. Naturama is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

+45 88 88 69 77
Ports charge

All boats, regardless of size, cost 250 kroner a day. There is water and electricity on the bridges.

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