Tårs Havn

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Harbour position DMS
54° 52' 40" N , 11° 1' 27" E
Harbour position DM
54° 52.66667' N , 11° 1.45000' E
Port position map
Tårs harbor can be called at around the clock. The entrance to the harbor is marked with a red and green top pole. The harbor's red beacons lead into a course of 346 °. The ferry traffic in the area must be taken into account. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

Tårs Harbor is located.

There is wireless internet throughout the port area. It costs 20 kroner for a day and 100 kroner for a week's internet.


The area invites for walks. Around and especially north of Tårs, there are many small water holes, where nature conservation has meant that the rare leaf seed thrives.

Frederiksdal Castle is located about 3 kilometers from the harbor. The castle was originally a luxury property that Christian the VI built in 1747 for his foreign minister JS Schulin. The castle is still owned by the Schulin family. Several summer concerts are arranged at the castle every year.

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Ports charge

Boats up to 12 meters in length cost 125 kroner per day. Boats over 12 meters in length cost 150 kroner per day.

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