Teglkås Havn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 13' 22" N , 14° 42' 43" E
Harbour position DM
55° 13.36667' N , 14° 42.71667' E
Port position map
Brick harbor can only be accessed during the day in bright and visible weather. If there is a land wind, the port cannot be called. Compassion displays occur in the area. The entrance is not marked and the port is not lit. There is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor basin.
Number of moorings

Teglkås harbor is a small fishing village located on the west side of Bornholm. The harbor does not have many facilities, but the scenic surroundings still make the harbor worth a visit. However, it can be difficult to get a guest spot as the harbor is occupied by local fishermen and boats.

Nearest shopping is in Hasle.


Jon's chapel has arisen from the waves of waves against the Bornholm rocks - that is, the chapel is naturally created. Jon was sent to Bornholm to make the Bornholm Christians. He settled down at the cliff where he told stories to the island's people. 108 steps lead down to a rock ledge, called the pulpit, where he told the pagan Bornholmers about Jesus. Further south you will find 3 stoves or rocker holes.

+45 56 96 91 80
Ports charge

All boats regardless of size cost 75 kroner a day.

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