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Harbour position DMS
56° 22' 3" N , 8° 7' 13" E
Harbour position DM
56° 22.05000' N , 8° 7.21667' E
Port position map
Thorsminde can usually be sailed day and night. Current: In addition to irregular coastal currents, when the drainage gate is open, a very strong in or outflow can flow in the channel. Experience has shown that, after a storm, large quantities of sand can be deposited in the entrance, thereby reducing the water depth. It is strongly advised that non-known vessels obtain information from the port guard about current conditions and the last known water depths. VHF channel 13 or 16, tel: 24 23 33 45. Vessels with masts cannot enter Old Harbor (max. Height is 3 m depending on water level, to sail through the sluice), but are referred to the West Harbor: The moors where can be moored are intended for larger fishing vessels: Mooring with since to and with some tides this means that mooring and fending can be a little different than most yachtsmen are used to.

Thorsminde is a lively small fishing and tourist town with associated restaurants and a beach museum (St. George) just word for the lock. Strandingsmuseet is closed for redevelopment in 2016. More about the city and activities at

97 49 70 44/24 23 33 45 (24 hour call service)
Ports charge

2015: Under 15 m: 140, - / day, over 15 m: 160, - / day incl. electricity and bath

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