Vejle Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 42' 22" N , 9° 33' 24" E
Harbour position DM
55° 42.36667' N , 9° 33.40000' E
Port position map
Vejle marina can be accessed around the clock. The harbor lighthouse shows in 288 ° with two red bow marks. The dugout that shows into the marina is marked by red and green buoys. Vejlefjord Bridge has a free entry height of 40 meters. In the new marina, moorings are moored in virtually the entire harbor. As a rule, 2 boats between each boom. Before departure from the port of Vejle, ships must ensure that there are no large vessels for incoming in the trench. On the stretch from Skyttehusodde to Vejle Harbor, the maximum allowable speed is 4 knots. Max. speed in the harbor basins is 3 knots.
Number of moorings

All the way inside Vejle Fjord you will find Vejle marina. Nature is beautiful by the green Vejle. The marina is close to the city center, which is about a 15-minute walk from the marina to the city center. In the area there are good opportunities for exciting hiking and cycling.


St. Nicolai church dates back to the 13th century and is also Vejle's oldest building. There are 23 skulls walled into the north wall of the church. Surrender reports that there are 23 executed robbers.

Vejle Art Museum is located in the old spinning halls, and offers Danish and European art. The museum also offers the living arts workshop "The factory".

Vejle wind turbine's current building dates from 1890 and its fixtures are from the 1930s.

The windmill in Vejle

The mill served as a mill until 1960. Here there is an exhibition on mill operation and mills on the Vejleegnen. From the mill roundabout there is an impressive view. It is possible to eat brought food in the mill.

Legoland in Billund is located about 30 kilometers from Vejle. Legoland is a theme park based on the popular Lego blocks. Here you can really get loose on land, at sea and in the air. And whether you prefer action or fun, there is plenty to choose from. Legoland is built from no less than 58 million lego blocks.

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Ports charge

2018: - 15 m: 150, - / day. 15 - m: 300, - / day. Free port: 40, - / day. Incl. electricity and water on the bridges. Exit 6 is for guest sailors. A splitter is recommended! Bath: 5, - / 5 min.

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