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Harbour position DMS
37° 38' 17" N , 23° 9' 38" E
Harbour position DM
37° 38.28333' N , 23° 9.63333' E
Port position map
Very easy - you have to go through a "gate" with 2 large sea marks. There can be a lot of unrest. Even in northerly winds, the waves can turn around and run into the bay. Therefore best in westerly winds.

Electricity, Environmental station, Restaurants, Supermarket, Toilet, Water.

Do not discharge wastewater from the holding tank - neither in the harbor nor at the anchorage northeast of the harbor.

There is walking distance to the small Amphitheater south of the harbor.

There is a bus to the big famous Amphitheater. The bus stop right by the port office.

Ports charge

It cost 7 Euro per day in September 2018

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